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Classwork Chapter 1 Self-Review Questions

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Page 47-48

1.1 What is hardware? What is software?

       Hardware components of a computer system are the physical pieces. Software is the programs and data        used by those programs.

1.2 What are the two jobs of an operating system?

       An operating system is the main software of a computer. It has two functions: to provide a user interface        that allows a user to interact with the computer, and to manage the computer resource (CPU and main        memory).

1.3 What happens to information when it is stored digitally?

       Information is broken into pieces and shown as numbers.

1.4 How many items can be represented with the following?

       a. 2 bits=4 items

       b. 4 bits=16 items

       c. 5 bits=32 items

       d. 7 bits=128 items

1.5 How many bits are there in each of the following?

       a. 8 bytes=64 bits

       b. 2 KB=16384 bits

       c. 4 MB=33554432 bits

1.6 What are the two main hardware components in a computer? How do they work with each other?

       They are the CPU and the main memory. The main memory stores programs and data in use, while the CPU executes the program instructions one at a time.

1.7 What is the memory address?

     It is a unique number that each memory location has.

1.15 What is white space? Does it change program execution?

       White space are used to set off sections of source code to make programs more readable; it consists of spaces, tabs and blank lines. No, it does not.

1.16 Which of the following are not valid Java idenitfiers? Why?

          a. RESULT; valid

          b. result; valid

          c. 12345; not valid because it starts with a number

          d. x12345y; valid

          e. black&white; not valid because of the "&" sign

          f. answer_7; valid

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